Protecting Your Home From Common Holiday Hazards

The holiday season is exciting, festive, but also dangerous. There are many unique holiday hazards that pose extra risks to your home. Don’t overlook the biggest threats in your home, even if they are holiday inspired. Use these tips to protect your biggest investment and keep your family safe.

Pay Attention to Common Sources of House Fires

What conjures up the image of a cold December night more than a Christmas tree, a warm fireplace, and a scented candle? Unfortunately, all three are common causes of house fires. Make sure an unexpected fire doesn’t play a part in your holiday celebrations by following these tips:

  • Only use space heaters in clear, open areas
  • Inspect your fireplace and chimney before its first use of the season
  • Test your home’s carbon monoxide and smoke detectors
  • Don’t leave candles and fireplace flames unattended

Give Your Tree Some TLC

If you have a pine tree in your home this winter season, make sure you give it the care and attention it needs. Dry, dead trees are major fire hazards. If you neglect to water your tree, you’ll turn it into a giant piece of firewood. Use these tips to stay safe and enjoy the festive spirit your tree brings:

  • Cut two inches from the bottom of the tree trunk to help it absorb water
  • Use a safe, non-tip stand that is positioned far from any fireplace or heat source
  • Buy a freshly cut tree or cut one down yourself to ensure it is alive and moist
  • Make sure your tree always has water in its stand
  • Turn off tree lights before you go to bed or leave the house

Stay Safe in the Kitchen

Whether you’re cooking for two or twenty, making a holiday meal is demanding. One simple oversight has the potential to lead to a kitchen fire or broken appliance. Consider these tips to make your cooking experience as enjoyable (and safe!) as possible:

  • Don’t wear loose accessories or clothes while cooking
  • Never use a glass casserole lid on the stove or burner, as it can explode from heat
  • Keep pot holders and food wrappers at least three feet from warm surfaces
  • Deep-fried turkeys are delicious, but keep that fryer outside and away from all walls!

Make Sure Your Insurance Is Solid

Before the holiday season gets into full swing, brush up on the details of your homeowners  insurance policy and make sure you are covered in the event of any fire or other hazard this winter. If you need help or want to find a better insurance policy, call (727) 372-5559 to get professional help from Tampa Bay Insurance.

Note: Coverage examples and descriptions are not absolute and are for informational are sample purposes only. Please refer to your policy for specific coverages and exclusions.

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